Wednesday, January 02, 2013


At least Alex had the grace to admit that there was something fundamentally different about the $1000 "palindromic word". The others were a three-letter word I have forgotten, and dud, level, and reviver. The last one?


I could have had five minutes and I wouldn't have come up with that (a carefully constructed con is this type of job). Hyphens are letters; the word's misspelled without it!


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At 9:50 AM, January 03, 2013 Anonymous Kathie had this to say...

I never would've guessed "put-up," either. The palindrome you forgot had four letters: "peep."

I'm still smarting from Alex's ad lib during Final Jeopardy the previous day, when he said a contestant's question "What is Yellowstone Park" was wrong because [deity] created Yellowstone. "Thinking person's game," my derrière!

At 2:21 PM, January 05, 2013 Anonymous Full Version PC Games had this to say...

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At 9:49 PM, January 07, 2013 Blogger Barry Leiba had this to say...

It looks as if the spammers are hiring trained seals to do the CAPTCHAs in the comments. At least having them (the CAPTCHAs, not the trained seals) has cut the spam rate down some.


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