Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Agenda Driving? Or what?

The giant headline on the Commentary page of the Washington Times reads: Preserving the Scouts' anchor to noble values: Preserving corporate support is less important.

I braced myself, but guess what? The actual column this was over was about Evangelical support for immigration reform.

There is a frothing column further down the page (headlined Boy Scouts must stand firm for their values: Saving funding is not worth moral compromise) all about how letting "the homosexual community" into Scouting will mean Eagle Scouts no longer stand for being "a person of true character and high moral standards", but that's a different column altogether.

This is ... well, it's odd.It's like somebody decided to move that column down below the fold, and even wrote it a new set of headlines, but forgot to write one about how immigration reform is a Good Thing....

ps: It's trivially easy to disprove the whole "true character and high moral standards" bit. Just try Googling Arthur Gary Bishop, Mark Hofmann, John Edward Robinson, or Charles Whitman...

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