Sunday, February 10, 2013

The Week in Entertainment

TV: Iron Man 2, which I figured I might as well watch since I watched The Avengers. It was on FX - I have to say, I really have gotten to hate watching movies on tv - it was three hours on tv with all the commercials. The Wednesday trio - loved them all, The Middle actually got me teary at the end, and how cool is it that Luke can do something? Also, loved Phil signing the deal on the trampoline with his dad watching.

DVD: My Name Is Khan, with a standout performance by Shahrukh Khan in the title role. What a good movie that is. Also a couple of earlier SRK films - one with Jackie Shroff and the utterly adorable Juhi Chawla, One 2 Ka 4 (One Times 2 Is 4), a remake of One Good Cop, and his very first film - Deewana (Crazy) (which earned him a Filmfare Best Debut award), though he's not the lead - that's Rishi Kapoor). Was there ever a better introduction than the young widow asking "What will I do?" and the scene cutting to SRK?  I  really prefer it when they subtitle the songs, too - especially when they're serving as narration!

Read: A couple more of the Goldsborough Wolfe novels - I think I'd read a lot of them before, though I don't remember them well. What I do remember - or at least notice - is that he hits hard in every book things that Stout hit once in a while. For instance, Lily Rowan is in every single one of them, while she was only in three or four of the originals.



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