Monday, February 11, 2013

Two Worlds on a Rainy Morning

Once again, a look into two worlds. One story's the same ... Rubio. Interesting...

  • BUDGET Obama threatens severe cuts if no agreement White House pushes for more tax hikes, but GOP is opposed
  • Military warns cuts would create 'hollow force' akin to 1970s
  • CAPITOL HILL Graham's hold presses White House on Benghazi CIA, Pentagon picks tied to more disclosure
  • REPUBLICANS State of Union role carries risk for Rubio 2016 bid 'on the line'
  • ENVIRONMENT Emissions pledge seen within reach More Obama Edicts expected
  • Big Photo: Five aircraft carriers in harbor at Norfolk
  • Charters' growth raises questions They continue to climb toward enrollment total of traditional schools
  • Iran is building militias in Syria A joint effort with Hezbollah | Retaing influence post-Assad seen as goal
  • STATE OF THE UNION Looking for an answer, Republicans turn to Rubio
  • In Va,, an executioner's changee of heart
  • Cyber-spying said to target U.S. business
  • Big Photo: Chinese New Year

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