Tuesday, March 26, 2013


William Hartnell as Doctor OneToday I tried to buy Doctor Who stamps at the Royal Mail's website. My debit card was "not authorized". I tried a credit card. Ditto. Another. So I gave up.

Then I got an email telling me to contact the Fraud Prevention department. Reason?
Transaction for $xxx at a post office was declined on or around 03/26/2013 in INTERNET, United Kingdom.
Yeah. Apparently Royal Mail dot com came up as an actual, brick-and-mortar post office. In a town called INTERNET. In the UK.

Matt Smith as Doctor ElevenI appreciate the fraud prevention (not so much the three phone calls to straighten it out), but you'd think they would recognize an Internet site as someplace I do, in fact, shop at. Even a UK one (hello, Amazon.co.uk?). At least the Chase rep stayed on line and authorized the purchase for me (Doctor Who stamps! Yay!).

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