Monday, April 15, 2013


We have goslings. We also have a new pair of geese moving in where the old nest was - must be prime real estate - and honking up a veritable storm. I thought at first they were objecting to the older couple and the babies, who (the adults anyway) seemed a bit taken aback by the fuss, but they were still keeping it up this afternoon when the others were on the other side of the pond. Perhaps this is a new, young couple still courting?

And look: once again there's one that's wandering away from the others. (Of course, to be honest, one gosling looks much like another. For all I know, it wasn't always the same one last year.)

geese with goslings

goose with goslings


geese with goslings watching the other geese warily

geese at nest site

geese honking

geese honking

climbing to the nest

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