Sunday, April 14, 2013

The Week in Entertainment

TV: The Middle was touching, and Modern Family was very funny, especially Phil vs. his nemesis, the hyterically named Gil Thorp. Psych - I like Gus & Rachel, they're growing on me. And Lassiter  and Marlow's wedding was priceless - I love that he was in white and she had a red bridal gown. (But seriously? This is the first time Juliet has suspected that Shawn is faking being a psychic?) And of course!! Three episodes of Doctor Who, a frenetic introduction to Clara Oswald. Clearly, who is this impossible girl is going to be the arc of the rest of this season. My first question: how come the TARDIS didn't make her understand all the people at the bazaar? "They call him the Mad Monk." "They shouldn't. He's most definitely not a monk." I like the new coat, by the way. Also the new theme. "Did you just lock us in?" "Yep." "With the soul-eating monster?" "Yep." "Is there actually a way to get out?" "What? Before it eats our souls?" "Ideally, yeah." "Possibly. Probably. There usually seems to be."

Read: The Roman Hat Mystery by Ellery Queen; I'm sure I read this back in college, if not high school - I remembered how the murdered man's hat was removed from the scene - but I did not remember the motive at all. Blackmailed for "a drop of Negro blood", which would have ruined him, of course. Yikes. Also read - devoured, actually - Hugh Howey's "Molly Fyde" tetrology. Wow, that man can write.



At 11:09 PM, April 21, 2013 Anonymous Adrian Morgan had this to say...

I like the current Doctor Who intro sequence, too. It contains elements that seem to homage all other themes the show has ever had. Less impressed with the quality of recent episodes, but I hope the finale is worth it. (Over-the-top finales in the new series rarely have been, though.)

One thing I wish Doctor Who would get away from is the idea that the intro sequence always represents the time vortex. Why not give the vortex a consistent representation, independent of the theme, and let the intro sequence be a sort of visual metaphor of what the Doctor's adventures are like?


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