Sunday, April 21, 2013

The Week in Entertainment

DVD: Rewatched Om Shanti Om, Billu, and Khabi Khushi, Kahbhie Gham - because I was in the mood for some SRK song and dance.

TV: The Doctor, of course, in an atmospheric 'ghost' story. (Maybe I'm getting old, but Palmer didn't look old enough to have been in WWII...) Still not much feel for Clara, but if she's going to call the TARDIS a cow, she might be in for some more bumpy rides. Psych - what a brilliant episode. I loved the double-track story line (and Shawn's Irish Swedish accent cracked me up!). Stared at the The Mentalist on the DVR list and balked (at least for now) at the line "Meanwhile, Kirkland tries to uncover the extent of Jane's knowledge about Red John." I am so beyond sick of Red John and his godlike powers. I think I may be losing another show... On the other hand, I thought I had three Grimm, but one was preempted to celebrate catching the Boston bomber. The ones I caught up on - very nice. I'm really liking Renard - he was a Big Damn Hero, in fact, very cool - and his brother has no idea how little his "I'll tell the Grimm!" moves him. And I enjoyed "One Angry Fuchsbau", it was nice to see the little rat-guy again.

Read: Brian Switek's brilliant and engaging My Beloved Brontosaurus, a romp through paleontology and our evolving understanding of dinosaurs. Began Old Flames, a Cold War thriller that got good reviews.



At 5:02 AM, April 22, 2013 Anonymous Adrian Morgan had this to say...

As Doctor Who episodes go, Hide was pretty awful. A whole lot of emotion trying to substitute for plot. The atmosphere throughout was very like a TV ghosthunters show -- you know, the ones that don't have any ghosts in. Too often we're expected to believe the characters are in a fearful situation because they say so, not because we've been shown what they're up against. And I think the worst part was that one moment we're told it's too dangerous for the TARDIS to make the journey, and the next moment it just does so, and there aren't any consequences.

As for the Mentalist and Red John, I don't feel as strongly about it as you. I think Red John should have died when Patrick killed 'him' the first time, and then they should have invented a new archvillain. But seeing as they have given Red John more than the standard issue of lives, it's important that they see it through. Despite everything, I still find the Red John arc entertaining, and I'd rather find out where it leads than pretend it never happened.

At 11:48 AM, April 22, 2013 Blogger The Ridger, FCD had this to say...

I agree that there was practically no story in Doctor Who. And what there was didn't make a whole lot of sense. And the idea that the Doctor's real reason for being there was what he said it was? Silly. But it was effective while I was watching it.

I wish Jane had killed Red John. That would have been an interesting character arc. But this is just ridiculous. How many highly placed cops has he suborned? How many disciples does he have? How can he constantly evade and slaughter at will? He's like freaking Q, and I cannot believe in his reality.

At 2:05 PM, April 23, 2013 Anonymous Mark P had this to say...

I fully agree on Red John. He's far too much to be even slightly realistic. Which brings up another character, the villain in Skyfall, which we watched last weekend. The almost-omnipotent villain is just another bad guy in the Bond universe, but I'm getting a little tired of that, too. I think a realistic villain who causes damage is more threatening than a super villain. Also, I found the Skyfall villain sympathetic to the point that I was kind of rooting for him. Damn that M!


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