Sunday, May 05, 2013

The Week in Entertainment

Live: Dialogues des Carmelites at the Met. I didn't know this opera. but it's quite beautiful, with a stunning "Stabat Mater" at the end.

DVD: Salaam Namaste (सलाम नमस्ते), with Saif Ali Khan and Preity Zinaida as couple of marriage-phobic Indians living in Melbourne and falling in and out and back in love.

TV: Psych - I adored the commercial Gus made to torpedo Shawn's campaign ("you're going to have to make me unappealing." "I've got that covered.") The Middle - coincidentally there was an article in the paper this week about parents overdosing on their kids' on-line stuff, though not, of course, about parents pretending to be their kids' friends to make them feel more popular. Loved the Bond film they were shooting with the kittens and bunnies, too. Modern Family, Phil-vs-Gil, always funny. Grimm, an odd episode but interesting character development. Love Monroe and Rosalie together. The Mentalist - wow; Pruitt Taylor Vince made LaRoche creepy and sympathetic at the same time.

Read: Watching the Dark was satisfying - good characters, good story. A Stranger in Olondria - an excellent fantasy novel exploring the meaning of reading and what happens when a literate society encounters an oral-tradition one.


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