Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Two worlds, Memorial Day issue

Once again, a look at two worlds...

Washington Times:
  • Foreign Policy: In secret Syria trip, McCain hears rebels' plea for help
  • Federal Government: In time of sequesters, Uncle Sam is trying to hire 27,000 | 200 openings at bowling alleys
  • Economy: Timing on taxes helps halve deficit | CBO forecast shows improved 5-year trend
  • War on Terrorism: U.S. laws keep locks on Guantanamo detainees | Obama not authorized to repatriate citizens to nations that sponsor terror
  • IRS:Two senators want tax cheats off federal payroll | Proposed bill would fire deadbeats
  • Media: Andy Parks show moving to Salem's WRC 1260 AM
  • Big Photo: Remembering the Fallen (woman and daughter in Chattanooga)
(yeah, that Media one is really local - as in local to the Washington Times, where Parks worked until recently)

Washington Post
  • Grappling to control prisons in Md.| In one case, a guard was rehired despite alleged role in assault
  • Key U.S. weapons designs hacked | Officials point finger at China: | Experts: Breaches could provide a military edge
  • Budget cuts clip fighter squadron's wings | Air Force's Rocketeers battle frustration as sequestration ground their planes
  • E.U. drops arms ban for Syrian opposition | McCain makes surprise visit to country, meets with rebels
  • How new is too new to Old Dominion? | In race, Cuccinelli tries to paint McAuliffe as Virginia outsider
  • Sweatshirts vs. sweatshops: The power of a college logo
  • Big Photo: A day of remembrance (woman at a service in Jacksonville)

(Maybe the Rocketeers should go work in those bowling alleys. Though they're Army bowling alleys...)

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