Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Two Worlds Post-Boston

So, this seems a good day for comparing the nation's capital's two papers - it's a pretty stark comparison. The single shared story, Syria, has markedly different emphasis - is he "back[ing] off" or "edg[ing] closer"? The Times has Obama backing off, failing, and empty-handed, though they concede he's "still relevant"... (I also like "insists on waiting for international agreement" - the fiend! )

  • With rise of drones, neutralizers come into fashion: Hoodies help hide from spies in sky
  • Obama backs off Syria 'red line': Insists on waiting for international agreement about chemical arms
  • Republicans cite attacks in Benghazi, Boston as Obama security failures
  • Obama empty-handed for gun talks in Mexico: Anti-trafficking measures are stalled
  • Colorado campus looks for more conservatives: Regents want intellectual diversity
  • Teaser: Despite setbacks, Obama still relevant: Asked if he has 'juice' to accomplish agenda, president places blame for shortcomings on Congress
  • Teaser: Final arbiter on immigration reform: Business' embrace of E-Verify may speed bill
  • Big Photo: More Bloodshed (explosion site in Damascus)

  • U.S. edges closer to arming rebels: Decision on Syria likely within weeks: Obama seeks to assert more forceful role in crisis
  • Boston suspect's ties overseas scrutinized: Obama defends agencies' actions before attack as FBI widens inquiry
  • FDA move on Plan B falls short of court order: Obama administration allows over-the-counter sales for age 15 and up
  • China struggles to unlock its huge shale gas potential
  • Gun-control forces see 'tipping point': In H.H., Se. Ayotte feels heat over vote against expanded background checks
  • Cuccinelli's test: Can he soften image?
  • Teaser: Running against history: A Novice contender in Pakistan's May 11 election hopes frustration with entrenched parties helps his chances
  • Teaser: Toxic traces: Lab tests found ricin on a dust mask discarded by the man suspected of mailing poisoned letters, an affidavit said
  • Big Photo: A passing of the scepter in the Netherlands (King Willem-Alexander and his mother on the balcony)

(I gotta ask: what's with "business' embrace"?)

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