Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Would Mary have won?

Mark Sanford's victory says 2 things. First, the South Carolinians want a Republican in Congress more than anything else. Second, that their state party is fairly bankrupt - because surely they could have found one they wouldn't have to hold their noses when they voted for him. But there are a couple of other things to wonder about.

Like, what if he'd been running against a Blue Dog Democrat? How badly did they want that (R)? Or  maybe if his opponent had been a man - say, Edward Busch?

And, for that matter, would Mary Sanford, otherwise identical to Mark, have won - after cheating on her husband multiple times, particularly with an Argentine stud-muffin, the Appalachian trail, the restraining order, the 37 ethics violations? Even if she were as right-wing as say Palin or Bachman?



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