Wednesday, June 12, 2013

What a joker God is

One of God's funniest jokes, no? Men blaming women for bearing daughters, when that Y chromosome comes from the father. Like this:
He believed that he had to be compensated if his wife gave birth to a baby girl. When his wife and her parents failed to pay the Rs1 lakh he demanded, the man tried to punch his child to death.
Not here, you say? Only over there!

A recent Gallup poll shows Americans (particularly male, particularly Republican, particularly conservative, particularly younger Americans, but by no means only those Americans) want a son much more than they want a daughter. And a glance at Western history shows a truck load of women disowned and worse for not producing that all-important son (check out The Tudors...) So maybe we don't kill over it (who knows?) but we still sure as hell get angry.

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