Sunday, August 25, 2013

The Week in Entertainment

DVD: Most of Season 5 of The Murdoch Mysteries, which remains clever and solidly entertaining. Murdoch in the Yukon was amusing, so out of his element and yet in a way he's always there.

TV: Two episodes of Perception leading to the season finale. I must say I really hated the way Moretti kept going on about how the suspect "raped a war hero!" I'm sure it wasn't meant to, but it really sounded like if the victim hadn't had a silver star Moretti wouldn't have cared that she was raped. Also caught up on Broadchurch, still good. I was pretty sure the husband/father's big secret was that he was cheating, not that he was the killer; it was too early for that. But his character definitely rings true, his anger that "everything's about this now." One thought about the sergeant's son: erase all your texts, kid, not just the ones from the dead boy. Also caught Sense and Sensibility again; I do like that movie.

Read: The rest of the Phryne Fisher novels, which are incredibly addicting. Also Marvel 1602, a graphic novel written by Neil Gaiman set in 1602 with characters from the Marvel universe. Fascinating and a lot of fun. Artifact, the first in a projected series about an historian involved in - well, in this one it was a missing Mughal treasure. Very enjoyable. And another first, The Ambitious Card, about a magician suspected of the murder of several psychics, also very enjoyable. Started The Great Dissent, Oliver Wendell Holmes and free speech.



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