Monday, September 30, 2013


the governor in a blue suit with yellow tie and Lu Ann in her pink peter-pan-collared blouse
Seriously? This (in the entirely reasonable case that you aren't reading Apartment 3-G) is the governor of New York and his inamorata, the stunningly dimwitted Lu Ann Powers. The funeral is for the lieutenant governor (who just died of a stroke, sending Peter into a panicked depression).

The funeral seems to have a bit hole-in-the-corner, with no crowds, cops, press or bodyguards. But that's not the wonderful thing about it! I find it unbelievable that he's wearing his standard blue suit with a checky yellow tie and just delightful that she is wearing her pink blouse with the Peter Pan collar (the same one she's been wearing since before the dear departed ... well, departed). I'm sure that Peter's old "friend" and fashion maven Zoey was appalled.



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