Monday, September 30, 2013

Surprising? Really?

At TPM Josh Marshall notes that
At the height of Cruzapalooza, a number of conservatives claimed the press was ignoring Cruz's 'filibuster' while they'd all but gone giddy over Wendy Davis' filibuster in the Texas state legislature.
After doing some digging around in Google Trends, Marshall has to conclude:
But even with all these caveats, it's hard not to conclude that there was a lot more interest [on the part of the public] in Davis's gambit than Cruz's - a fact I find quite surprising. If anything it's the national news media that's out of sync with popular interest and perception.
What I find astonishing is that nowhere does he mention the big difference: Davis was really filibustering, and under some extremely strict rules (if she'd pulled out Green Eggs and Ham she'd have been gone), and filibustering a bill that had an excellent - one might say ironclad - chance of passing otherwise. Cruz was grandstanding, not actually preventing anything from being voted on.

So yeah: people were more interested in what she was doing than what he was.That Marshall can't understand that is probably a result of TPM's (inevitable) slide into "national news media"hood.



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