Tuesday, September 24, 2013

The Week in Entertainment

TV: Last Tango in Halifax is still good, but definitely getting soapy.

Read: Should mention that Indexing continues to be excellent; several new installments have arrived and the tension is really building. On a friend's recommendation I'm reading Hounded, book 1 of the Iron Druid series, and I'm enjoying it very much. Wonderful narrative voice and fascinating set-up and characters. Also got All Yesterdays, a lovely collection of cutting-edge paleoart (including a few old-style paintings to show how far we've come in understanding, and a few 'reconstructions' of modern animals to show how little we really know).



At 3:16 PM, September 27, 2013 Anonymous Kathie had this to say...

Last Tango in Halifax is [...] definitely getting soapy.

Aw c'mon, Ridger, you think Martha Costello's love life as well as other romantic entanglements on "Silk" weren't soapy?

At 3:23 PM, September 27, 2013 Blogger The Ridger, FCD had this to say...

Yeah, but it was a lawyer show!


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