Sunday, September 22, 2013

Yes, just maybe...

Paul Krugman on why the GOP hates food stamps so much:
There’s the thing about SNAP: it’s one federal program that really has exploded in size in recent years, with the number of beneficiaries rising around 80 percent. Of course, it’s exploded for a very good reason, namely a once-in-three-generations economic crisis, and the program has stayed large because our so-called recovery hasn’t trickled down to the bottom half of the income distribution. But the right doesn’t care about any of that; in food stamps, it gets to see what it wants to see — surging government spending! Millions of takers! And so food stamps become public enemy #2.

Number 1 is, of course, Obamacare, which really does represent a major expansion of the government’s role. And that, perhaps, is where [Tyler] Cowen’s weakness theory may come in: Republicans, frantic over their inability to kill health reform, may be trying to make themselves feel better by lashing out at the poor.
Seems like a good guess to me...

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