Sunday, October 20, 2013

The Week in Entertainment

TV: I'm still enjoying the new comedies, especially The Crazy Ones and Sean Saves the World, also the Michael J Fox Show. And Modern Family was funny, too. Watched Toy Story of Terror, which was surprisingly good for a half-hour tv special - good writing and top-notch animation, and they had the whole original voice cast, which was great. The Mentalist - everybody's always an Episcopalian when they get married on tv, ever notice that? I loved Van Pelt & Rigsby getting married, though.Sleepy Hollow managed to completely screw up (again); Roanoke, as they accurately tell us, was 1587 or so - that's not Middle English. That's, like, Shakespearian times. Oh, well. Sleepy Hollow is very much not factual about pretty much anything. Goofily entertaining, though. And Orphan Black, which my DVR has an odd relationship with, missing episodes every now and then, but which is fortunately On Demand, so two this week. This show is astonishingly complicated, and has gotten a bit more graphically violent than I was expecting (poor Vic. poor Donnie), but I am loving it.

Read: Last Train to Istanbul, by Ayse Kulin, translated by John W. Baker. It's an intense story set in WWII, built around the Turkish effort to get the citizens - primarily Jewish ones - back from France before they ended up in Nazi camps. Quite good, filled with wonderfully drawn characters. Began Dissident Gardens by the marvelous Jonathan Lethem. So far it is, as the reviews call it, dazzling.



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