Friday, November 01, 2013

November 1 in two worlds

Another comparison of the two local papers' front pages. This time, absolutely no shared stories:
  • Nationals new skipper
  • Terrorism: Syria becomes largest home to al Qaeda : Foreign jihadists find safe haven to plot attacks against Western targets
  • Virginia: McAuliffe AWOL for students and media : Campaign ducks simple questions
  • White House: The Gettysburg Offense : Obama snubs historic battle site on its 150th anniversary
  • Real Estate: Feds tell Trump: No riffraff at new hotel : Pennsylvania Ave. just for upper crust
  • Regulations: Health officials: E-cigarette peddlers just blowing smoke
  • Senate: Republicans filibuster; say they need balanced court
  • the big photo: Obama at Lincoln memorial, titled Words and Deeds, accompanying the Gettysburg story

  • Restrain NSA, say leading tech firms | Assertive tone marks shift for industry | Oversight, privacy concerns voiced in letter to senators
  • Foreign blowback : Leaks change the cost-benefit analysis of spying on allies
  • Medicaid tops private plans in tallies of new sign-ups
  • DHS employees claim unearned overtime | Report says 'entrenched' practice costs the agency millions of dollars every year
  • 'Common ground' a potential 2016 theme : Clintons' stump speeches channel voter frustration with partisan gridlock
  • the big photo: a (really rather cool) top-down shot of two guys repairing the Washington Monument at the 400-foot mark, titled Progress in high places, for a Metro-section story, and a smaller but still large photo below the fold of Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton

I have to point out that those "simple" questions McAuliffe is "ducking" involve abortion, marijuana, the economy, and foreigners in Virginia's universities. He may well be ducking them, but "even the simplest questions"?

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