Monday, November 25, 2013

Pre-Thanksgiving Freezing Weather in Two Worlds

Today the main story is the same - the Iranian deal. The takes are certainly different, though, as are what's considered important secondary news.

  • Secret Service Missteps, resistance hurt Secret Service sex investigation: Information leak in misconduct inquiry
  • Diplomacy Iran nuclear deal faces uphill battle: Netanyahu sees a 'historic mistake'; some in U.S. call for stiffer sanctions
  • Pact could give Obama a rate boost in job performance ratings
  • Career diplomat steered the talks quietly in rounds of negotiations
  • Congress 'Nuclear' move opens window for Obama on nominations
  • State Department Former editor's bonus amid layoffs follow him to State
  • the big photo: John Kerry Deal maker Secretary of State John F. Kerry arrives at London's Stansted Airport on Sunday after deparing Geneva where he defended an agreement reached with Iran on its nuclear program. "You can't get everything in the first step," he said.
  • Iran nuclear deal done, but the road ahead is uncertain; Right to enrich uranium still at issue; Skeptics on Hill, others question sanctions relief
  • The Negotiations Last-second objection typical of tense talks
  • Foreign Policy Pact nangs over other U.S. goals in Middle East
  • Crucial health-law test awaits for IRS | Troubled rollout puts further pressure on beleaguered agency
  • Md. woman accused of embezzling $5.1 million
  • the big photo: people ice-skating on the Mall Skaters take to the ice rink at the National Gallery of Art's Svupture Garden on a frigid Sunday. Washingtonians are braving the cold in pursuits less seasonal as well, bicycling and even dining on restaurant patios. Story, B1
  • Smaller but still big picture: Endorsement for U.S.-Afghan security pact Tribal elders and other Afghan officials ended a four-day assembly in Kabul known as a loya jirga. Delegates said it was in Afghanistan's "vital national interest" to have a partnership with the United States, and they urged President Hamid Karzai not to delay signing the agreement. Story, A6

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