Sunday, November 03, 2013

The Week in Entertainment

Live: Tosca at the Lyric - a wonderful production,with Raymond Aceta stepping in for the strep-stricken Eric Owens (he was fine, but I was really hoping to see Owens). Then the next day, up early in the morning to go up to the Met to see the new opera, Two Boys, which was quite riveting, plot-wise, an exciting afternoon. I really did like it.

TV: The Neighbors, with Larry Bird discovering that golf is boring and asking Marty to teach him about football. Big. Mistake. Yet so funny, especially the romantic-not-awkward date. A very funny Sean Saves the World, loved the office "kitchen dance party".

Read: More Christianna Brand (Green for Danger, Death of Jezebel, Fog of Doubt, The Three-Cornered Halo (which was quite the oddest mystery I've read in a while), and Tour de Force), and then two comic noirs by Craig Rice (The Big Midget Murder and The Fourth Postman).



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