Sunday, November 24, 2013

The Week in Entertainment

TV: Sleepy Hollow: I think it's funny the way Crane insists on things like correcting the docent on Paul Revere given how much this show plays around with history. But they cracked me up with Jefferson stealing Crane's line about newspapers. The Mentalist: boy, I hope they really do end the Red John thing this week. (I know I complain about it, but am still watching, but that's because I like the characters. The show was better a few years ago, though.) The comedies were good - I love Max's "dun dun DUN" ring tone on Sean, and the re-attaching the lunar module sequence in Modern Family was hysterical. I enjoyed seeing SHIELD cleaning up after Thor: The Dark Kingdom ("Just once I wish they'd send down the god of cleaning up after yourself"), and whatever is going on with Tahiti (it's a magical place) is going to break out sooner than later I think. I gave Almost Human a look - Karl Urban is worth it - and it's alright. Pretty violent, and a tad predictable (oh, he doesn't like kids? Cue cute kid needing comfort in three...two...), but I'll keep on watching for now. And - of course - The Day of the Doctor, the 50th anniversary special. I loved John Hurt, I loved the moment when Ten and Eleven (oops, Eleven and Twelve!!!) sat down in the vault and their body movements were identical, I loved homage beginning at the Coal Hill School and IM Foreman's sign, I loved his conscience being Bad Wolf Rose, I absolutely loved the very end of it. I can't wait for the next season to start - a big damn story arc! Yes!

Read: The first four of the Malone mysteries/comic noirs, very enjoyable. Nothing O'Clock, a lovely Doctor Who short by Neil Gaiman, one of the 50th anniversary series of short stories.



At 3:08 AM, November 30, 2013 Anonymous Adrian Morgan had this to say...

Parts of Day of the Doctor were good, but on the whole, I was disappointed, especially by the ending. How could the earlier incarnations possibly be involved in the calculation?

I'd also have to disagree about the matching body language, as I think it's better to emphasise the contrast between incarnations. As for launching a new story arc, I was expecting a story that would tie up loose ends from the last one, and was disappointed we didn't get that.

The story seemed to be trying to say something profound about moral dilemmas, but failed utterly. The word "superficial" captures its take on the question of whether or not to destroy Gallifrey.

I did enjoy much of the first half, though (with the exception of the silly Queen Elizabeth romance thing).


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