Friday, December 20, 2013

This is (maybe) why Pope Francis is doing what he's doing

In Sammamish, Washington, a man got married, and lost his job. The man is gay, and his job was vice-principle of a Catholic school. The Archdiocese dumped him the minute they found out. Bear in mind that Washington has legalized same-sex marriage. Mr Zmuda broke no laws; moreover, he is, according to his principle, "a wonderful educator" and she'd "hire him back in a minute" if she were allowed.

But she's not. So she fired him.

What happened next is probably not what they dreamed of: the kids walked out.

The kids will walk out of the Church if it doesn't stop demonizing. I'm not telling them they have to change their rules (though I'll note they have in the past). I'm not even telling them they have to hire sinners, though they surely know that they certainly do. I'm just saying that the kids flat out don't see what Mr Z did as meriting the Church's reaction. And the crazed culture wars (teh gay and abortion in particular) are turning them off not just the Church, but God. Pope Francis seems to realize that. Perhaps the Church needs to decide if they want to keep the kids, or keep the hate. I don't think they can keep both.

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At 8:28 PM, December 25, 2013 Anonymous Adrian Morgan had this to say...

I have to laugh at "I'm not even telling them they have to hire sinners" ... rather hard to avoid, given that all Christian churches teach emphatically that everyone is a sinner.


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