Sunday, January 26, 2014

The Week in Entertainment

TV: Sherlock - squeeeeee. I loved the way John punched him out. I loved the way he tried to get Mycroft to want a friend. I loved his parents (played by his parents). I loved Mary.  I loved his little smile in the subway car and the way he reacted when he realized John hadn't caught on - the conversation that didn't mean what John thought it did. And I loved him actually going through fire to save John. It wasn't perfect, perhaps, but .... Sherlock! Sean Saves the World: "I don't like that man. Twice he lured you in and then broke your heart and we had to pick up the pieces." "Yes but at the coffee shop he said he'd changed. And I haven't so I still want to sleep with him." I loved Modern Family's showing us Hayley's plan for her future, along with her picking up the tab. The Mentalist - we have sort of reset to "the way [Jane] was at the beginning", haven't we? Which is fine, because the first couple of seasons were so much fun. Psych literally went back to the beginning, with a remake of a first season episode, which was fine though pointless.  Grimm: Oh #*@%!!! indeed. We have to wait till the end of February??!? Though that's not as bad as Sleepy Hollow - after a very short season and a helluva cliffhanger they're done till fall! And a delightful surprise from Cartoon Network - a new episode of The Powerpuff Girls! Radically different drawing style, but the same writers and actors. Yay! Once again, the day is saved!

powerpuff girls old stylepowerpuff girls new style

Read: Death at the Bar and Night at the Vulcan, both by Ngaio Marsh, and The Treasure at Poldarrow Point by Clare Benson, as well as another third or so of The Bully Pulpit.



At 12:20 PM, January 30, 2014 Blogger Kevin Wade Johnson had this to say...

If you ever read Marsh's Artists in Crime (I think that was the's been decades), I'd love to know what you think of it. It was the first of hers I read, and I never thought she was anywhere near as...brutally realistic, I guess is the word, afterwards.

At 6:25 PM, January 30, 2014 Blogger The Ridger, FCD had this to say...

I did - years ago, and actually just this week. It's the first one with Troy, and it was, I guess, something new for her.


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