Friday, February 07, 2014

It does matter

In a column today about the CBO report released yesterday about Obamacare's impact on jobs, Paul Krugman asks:
So was Mr. Cantor being dishonest? Or was he just ignorant of the policy basics and unwilling to actually read the report before trumpeting his misrepresentation of what it said?
And he answers himself:
It doesn’t matter — because even if it was ignorance, it was willful ignorance.
It does matter, a little bit. Because the bottom line is, as he says, that
the campaign against health reform has, at every stage, grabbed hold of any and every argument it could find against insuring the uninsured, with truth and logic never entering into the matter.
So perhaps it doesn't matter whether Cantor waa lying or merely bullshitting. But it does matter that every word he said, or rather tweeted, was demonstrably untrue.

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