Thursday, February 27, 2014

One story, two worlds

It's not often that the two Washington papers have the same story on the front page. Today is a good case study.

While the Post's front page had stories about nutrition, movies being made in Washington, the Texas gay-marriage-ban falling, Ukraine and Crimea, and Republicans worrying that the GOP is spending too much time and effort on the ACA, they had this on page 4:

Arizona governor vetoes bill allowing businesses to shun gays | Measure would have allowed exemption for religious rights

The Times, on the other hand is taking on the Iran, Hagel, the Pope (a picture of him with a crying child), sloppiness at DHS, and bin Laden (yes), with this headline front and center:

Brewer veto backs gay rights over Arizona business's religious rights

It's no wonder there's such a divide in the country.

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