Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Two worlds in the snow

Sort of snow, anyhow, though only the Post acknowledges it. The Times is, as usual, fixated on domestic troubles and old, desperately-clung-to scandals while the Post admits the rest of the world (though only GWOT-related countries) do exist...

Washington Times:
Terrorism FBI source had '93 contact with bin Laden | Revelation missing from Sept. 11 reviews, surfaces in obscure court case
Immigration Obama eases penalties for businesses hiring illegals | 40 percent decrease in fines belies rhetoric
Internal Revenue Service GOP recalls Lerner to explain IRS targeting | House panel will compel testimony
Religion No Judgment Day: Biker church welcomes the rough and the ragged
Energy Health links are hyped to raise fear of fracking
Accountability Marrone's resume glosses over work for crooked pol

The big picture is a couple of guys hugging at the biker church

Washington Post:
Pakistan plans military push in tribal area | Offensive against Taliban, others | Recent attack, sputtering peace talks spur mov
FDA panel debates idea of three-parent babies | Procedure aims to create embryos without inherited genetic defects
New pitch would make baseball's opener a holiday
In San Jose, retirement's haves and have-nots | Generous pensions for city workers are coming at the expense of nearly everything else
With pullout near, U.S. in fix over some detainees

The big picture is "A hazy shade of winter", featuring Canada geese flying though the snow. There's a big, below-the-fold photo of the San Jose mayor looking out over his city

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