Sunday, March 16, 2014

The Week in Entertainment

DVD: The rest of Mr and Mrs Murder, which I really enjoyed.

TV: Caught up The Middle, The Neighbors (that Bollywood number!), and Modern Family. Also The Mentalist, which was pretty good, though it looks like they're diving into another deep plot - they killed Laroche! A couple of episodes of Grimm, which is also deepening the plot. Poor Sebastien! And poor Wu - they really should have told him. The finale of Almost Human, which tried out the old fake tension - really? Were they ever going to get rid of Dorian? Psych - almost over, which is sad. I've missed the old-time beginnings, but I finally realized: it's part of the whole "Shawn finally grows up" thing they've got going on - the chief leaving, Juliet taking the job, Lassie getting promoted, Henry's selling the house ... the new detective, Betsy, is a hoot. The Crazy Ones was quite funny. I do hope it gets picked up for next year. Cosmos, a very promising beginning. Oblivion, which I liked more than I thought I would. Good performance by Cruise, visually gorgeous even though the story was a bit obvious.

Read: Two very good YAs by Shiela Turnage, Three Times Lucky and The Ghosts of Tupelo Landing, and a very good one by Rainbow Rowell called Fangirl. Two Gervase Fen novels - Frequent Hearses and The Glimpses of the Moon - both of which I'd read many years ago but neither of which I remembered the end to, though occasional odd details did come back to me. Started Preincarnate, by Shaun Micallef.



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