Sunday, March 23, 2014

The Week in Entertainment

TV: Beautiful Creatures, which was an interesting concept that really failed to click. The Princess Stallion, which was similar in failing to really get underway - everyone in it was really dumb, too, which didn't help; it was pretty, though.Trouble with the Curve, which shows how formula can be a work of art in the hands of a master. Grimm - do birds that sound like mourning doves live in France? Because I certainly heard one in the woods when Adelind and the Resistance guy were heading for the car with poor, brave Sebastien. (Hint, Adelind, he didn't do it for you; he did it for Sean.) Perception had a rather nice episode this week. Obviously Daniel wasn't the stalker, but the ending was unexpected and satisfyingly open-ended. The Neighbors was goofily endearing. And of course, the women's basketball tournament started this weekend!

Read: A brilliant YA called The Year Without Michael, about what happens to a family when their son - their middle child - vanishes without a trace. Then my first Dr Priestly novel - Murder at Lilac Cottage - which, although written well enough, didn't have continuing characters I found interesting and did have a murderer who was, for me, obvious pretty early. While I'm willing to believe that's partly or even mostly due to my having read so many books written since (it's from 1940) - the Roger Ackroyd problem - it doesn't change the fact that the book bored me. No more Dr Priestly for me. Began My Thoughts Be Bloody, a (so far) excellent book on Edwin and John Wilkes Booth and the world-shaking ramifications of their rivalry.



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