Sunday, March 30, 2014

The Week in Entertainment

Live: A completely delightful La SonŃ‚ambula at the Met - wonderfully cast with talented bel canto singers who were also fine comic actors - especially the marvelous Javier Camarena as Elvino and the very funny Rachel Durkin as Lisa, but actually all six principles were wonderful. It was that odd Mary Zimmerman production (the action takes place in a rehearsal hall) but that doesn't detract from, even if it doesn't add to (and it is interesting if slightly flawed),  Bellini's glorious music.

TV: Watched a number of the "Doctor Who Revisited". I have seen very little of Colin Baker and Sylvester McCoy, but the latter's episode was intriguing. They also showed the Paul McGann movie, which wasn't quite as bad as I was remembering (but I still hate that whole "half human" nonsense). A really moving The Middle, and a very funny Modern Family that managed to unite all the disparate strands into one sustained, intricate, hilarious farce at the end. I'm not sure what The Neighbors is doing with their season (possibly series) ender coming up, so I'll wait to judge the unfinished feel of this ep. The Mentalist was intriguing, but I cheered loudest at the lawyer's dressing down the FBI agent. And ... sob! ... Psych has come to an end. A well-done, satisfying final episode.

Read. Finished My Thoughts Be Bloody, which was a fascinating story marred only by her bending over backwards to make John Wilkes and Edwin equally to blame for the former's bizarre ideas and the feeling that she really thought nobody would read the book straight through - she continually repeated things she'd told us before; I lost track of the number of times she referred to "their father, Junius Brutus Booth", for instance. On the other hand, if you didn't read it straight through, some of that might be helpful.Hagar of the Pawn-Shop, an episodic novel of short-story-style mysteries from the nineteenth citizens.

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