Wednesday, March 19, 2014


Today's Wheel of Fortune Bonus Round.

He chose CHD and O. So he had this:

NE_   _ _ _ _    _ _ _ _ _

The first thing he said was "new baby buggy" - and that was it.




At 10:23 AM, March 20, 2014 Anonymous Mark P had this to say...

It's especially amazing since "new baby buggy" isn't what I would call a familiar saying.

At 12:09 PM, March 20, 2014 Anonymous Kathie had this to say...

My initial reaction was the same as yours. Then I thought about how I'D have gone about solving the puzzle. First of all, NE_ is most likely NEW. Then I'd start cycling rapidly through the alphabet among the unused letters, starting at the beginning, so I can see how the contestant could've hit upon B-words right away. Still, it was an amazing solve (hope it wasn't rigged).

At 3:07 PM, March 20, 2014 Anonymous Kathie had this to say...

"Last night’s ‘amazing’ ‘Wheel of Fortune’ guess wasn’t actually that amazing":

At 6:33 PM, March 20, 2014 Blogger The Ridger, FCD had this to say...

Well, sure, it wasn't impossible or a wild guess. But "wasn't actually that amazing" to do it in a few seconds? Yes it was.

Plus - who doesn't know about the used letter board? Sajak mentions it at least three times a week.


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