Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Living like a Christian IS illegal in Daytona Beach

Via (of course) Fred at Slactivist, it turns out that some places in the US it is a crime to "live like a Christian" (this last paragraph is a classic):
You can be “fined for being a Christian” in Daytona Beach. “Living, behaving as a Christian … has now become a crime” in that Florida resort town. But that’s mainly because it seems that Daytona Beach’s police chief, Mike Chitwood, is a right-wing idiot who thinks that many homeless people “are homeless by choice” because they are “bank robbers.”

Daytona Beach isn’t saying, “Hey, great, you’re feeding hungry people. But let’s make sure you’re doing this in a way that doesn’t create chaos or prevent others from enjoying public spaces.” Daytona Beach is saying, “You’re feeding hungry people. That’s creating ‘dependency’ and it must stop.” That’s hogwash.

You’d think Debbie and Chico Jimenez would have become a cause célèbre for the religious right fundraisers who claim to be so concerned about “religious liberty.” But it seems that “religious liberty” is only for billionaire CEOs who want to deny health insurance for women, not for those who would celebrate a love feast by going out into the streets and lanes of the town and bringing in the poor. The difference, of course, is that the former is prohibited by scripture, while the latter is commanded by it.

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