Friday, May 02, 2014

May Day in Two Worlds

Okay, technically, May second, but still ... what a lovely example this is:

 Accountability Federal inquirers say work is being stymied | Peace Corps act won't help
Libya Benghazi could turn into criminal investigation | Key talking points email held despite subpoena
Military Intel system: Army 'lesson' not put to use
Maryland Horses for healing | Derby Day gives community a chance to help the needy
Foreign Relations Space program perils feared with Russia rift | NASA chief tries to assure lawmakers
Presidency No man for old country | Predecessors found favorite retreat at Camp David

there are three photos with the Camp David story - a big one of Obama and Sasha at the swimming pool, and smaller ones of Reagan and Bush riding horses and Clinton and James Hunt jogging

Interesting here is trying to spin Benghaziiii!!!!!!!!! into a story about "Libya", calling the disabled (mostly children) "the needy", and the whole "Obama's urban" (meaning, of course, not a regular guy for, you know, reasons). (Also the wrong verb in the NASA story - he's trying to reassure them that the program will survive.)

Big tech firms defy U.S. data demands  Practice of quiet compliance ends | Users to be notified about seizures of information
McAuliffe weighs power on Medicaid expansion Governor explores whether he can act alone and bypass legislature
A paratrooper, then and now Two years after he became an amputee, Joshua Pitcher has reached the destination of his road to recovery: Another tour of duty in Afghanistan
Low-key Democratic senator in high-stakes reelection race
Ukrainian riot police retreat under attack by separatist mob 

the big picture is of Lt. Pitcher in Samangan Province; there's a smaller one of a train wreck in Bowie, Maryland

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