Sunday, May 18, 2014

The Week in Entertainment

DVD: Endeavour, the whole second season (series), because I have no selfcontrol (and it's only four episodes, 'cause it's British). It's not their fault I'm a little tired of the whole secret-society-villain trope (blame The Mentalist for that), but I am. Still, what a hell of an ending. Also, three more episodes of the BBC's Father Brown - I still think they're well done, but they really go wildly off the original - the Eye of Apollo one, for instance.

TV: The Mentalist - caught up. Loved the end to the three-ep trafficking arc. And so Lisbon is leaving. It's good for her; I wonder how it will be for the show. If she really does leave. Good Grimm, too. And another excellent Cosmos.

Read:No Place to Hide, Glenn Greenwald's latest. I found the final chapter, on the state of journalism, to be the best. Mary Robinette Kowal's Regency Glamourist novels. I enjoy them very much, though Jane sometimes infuriates me (she's of her time!).

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