Friday, June 20, 2014

A teenager is being (gasp) rude!

Dear Abby has a letter that says
My 19-year-old daughter was married last year. We gave her a formal church wedding. Of the 100 guests invited, several were longtime co-workers, who took the time to purchase lovely gifts and travel two hours to the wedding. Some also gave cash gifts.

My daughter still hasn’t sent out thank-you cards. I see my co-workers week after week, and I’m humiliated. I have mentioned it to my daughter several times, but she says it’s too late to send them now. Abby, we raised her better than this. Every time I say anything about it, she gives me an argument.

Please help. This eats away at me every day. Should I take the reins and send a short letter of apology to these dear co-workers?
Abby says all the woman can do is remind her daughter again.

I would have added a few things. Like, No. You didn't raise her better than this. Maybe you tried, but you clearly didn't. And second, stop arguing with her. It's her life, and she's the one who'll have to deal with the fallout. (Once she grows up, of course. She's still a teenager. Which explains a lot.)

But mainly, for god's sake, lady. You're "humiliated"? It "eats away at [you] every day"? You've got a rude teenager. Welcome to the human race.

If your co-workers are complaining that they haven't gotten thank-yous yet, shrug and say Susie's the one to talk to. If they're not, let it go. It's not your problem. Why are you letting it affect you like this?

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