Tuesday, June 17, 2014

"the quintessential 21st century thought leader"

Ah, yes. Nothing like broadening your ... vertical reach.
The Washington Times has added a new voice and new leadership to its increasingly robust editorial reach.

Monica Crowley, a longtime contributor to Fox News Channel and host of a nationally syndicated talk show, has been named online opinion editor of the news organization, reporting to The Times’ Opinion Editor David Keene, beginning June 23.

Ms. Crowley herself will remain as a Fox News contributor, where she has offered commentary both on- and off-camera since 1996. She also plans to write original content for The Times.
“Monica is the quintessential 21st century thought leader, able to communicate her conservative values in all mediums in the most cogent way,” said John Solomon, the Times’ editor and vice president of content and business development. “David, Larry and I are excited to have her at the helm of our digital opinion strategies, where we know she will find new audiences for the great content we already offer while finding fresh new voices to add to our lineup.”
I already can barely read the headlines on their opinion page.

PS: 86% of respondents think ABSOLUTELY Congress should make English the official language. (The other options: No need 5%, It's unfair 3%, and No one speaks proper English anyway 5%)

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At 1:09 PM, June 19, 2014 Blogger Kevin Wade Johnson had this to say...

I can't imagine paying attention to a "thought leader" from either side of the political spectrum, frankly. Neither side is open to the other's views. I want someone like that leading my thoughts???


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