Sunday, June 08, 2014

The Week in Entertainment

Live: Sister Act - which was different in some important ways from the film (not surprisingly) and benefitted by a wonderful actress in the lead. Some of the new numbers were delightful (the henchmen's song about sweet-talking nuns was terrific) but I did miss the Motown - Deloris teaches them disco in this one.

DVD: Miss Fisher's Mysteries, season 2 - finished it. They've gone their own way for good, now, and I'm sure they felt some of the books' plot elements wouldn't translate well, but the show is its own delightful thing.

TV: Cosmos, still excellent.

Read: All of Camilla Läckberg's Fjallbacke novels that are on Kindle. I like them a lot, but not enough to clutter up the house with more hardbacks, so I'll wait on the others. Started The Girl in the Road by Monica Byrne - this is certainly a polarizing novel, but so far I'm on the "entranced by it" side of the spectrum.



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