Friday, June 06, 2014

Cornell's Hawks Are Fledging!

(From the Bird Cams newsletter): On the cool windy morning of June 6, the nestling nicknamed "E2" walked to the edge of the nesting platform. Pondering the edge, it stretched its wings into the brisk breeze and promptly departed the platform. Our camera caught a glimpse as it wheeled underneath the nest and flapped downward, landing off-screen to the thrill of several thousand viewers (watch the highlight clip). The young hawk's flight ended in an awkward landing on one of the many ledges that jut out from the sides of Weill Hall. After hanging from the ledge for a few moments of suspense it managed to flap up safely to the ledge proper and remained there for the rest of the morning.

Two young hawks continue to be active in the nest and will likely fledge in the coming days—don't miss your chance to see these hawks take their first flights! Watch the cam.

A young hawk's first flight leads to an awkward first landing
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