Monday, June 30, 2014

When is he?

Hang onto your hats, Dick Tracy fans! It's going to be a wild ride, one way or another. In a crossover with the sadly-defunct Little Orphan Annie strip, Tracy's been asked to look into her disappearance. On Friday, he headed off in a little motor boat for Thunder Island in 2014. On Saturday, Vitamin Flintheart told the readers the question wasn't where Tracy was, but when. And Sunday, Tracy woke up in a hospital in 1944 (or at least that's what he's being told). But I have a quibble with Annie's contribution in today's strip.

"I don't remember Anzio at all," he says, and then asks, "Is that calendar right?" And Annie answers, "It sure is. Gee whiskers, Officer Tracy! It's 1944!"

Surely it would be more natural to tell him that it was June. It's not like he asked what year it was.

Dick Tracy strip

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