Monday, July 28, 2014

A few things to read

A few things to read about Gaza.

the big lie: But let us imagine, just for a moment, that their deceitful narrative was true. What if Hamas just woke up one fine, clear peaceful morning and said, "Hey, let's start firing missiles at Israel, fellas! Won't that be a hoot?" The fact is that even in that scenario, it would not be an "unprovoked attack," but a legitimate act of self-defense.

what would you do: Indeed, I would like to ask, ‘What would you do’ if a belligerent military occupation sealed you and everyone you love into a small enclave, whereby the most basic requirements of living were banned from entering? Where you could not leave or hope to leave, ever? Where naval ships shoot at you and sink your boat if you try to fish in God’s sea? Where you must burrow tunnels in the earth and crawl in treacherous conditions like rodents to smuggle books, diapers, pasta, and pencils? Where you are subject to extrajudicial executions, regular bombings, polluted drinking water, kidnappings, and arbitrary arrests? What would you do if you were subject to night raids, endless checkpoints, and constant daily harassment from soldiers and rabid settlers from Brooklyn who come to claim your home and heritage as some divine real estate prize because God loves them more?

the tactics: “I look forward to surviving. If I don’t, remember that I wasn’t Hamas or a militant, nor was I used as a human shield. I was at home.”

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