Tuesday, July 29, 2014


In this week's Washington Times "Third Century NRA", Olympic champion Kim Rhode (another in the series of good-looking white women the NRA is using to change its image) complains that people keep asking her about things like Aurora. "You don't hear NASCAR drivers interviewed about drunk driving deaths. So why do they have to link gun owners with criminals?"

Here's a thought, Kim. Maybe it's because NASCAR drivers don't go around talking about how wonderful cars are and how everybody should be able to drive as much as they want. Maybe it's because NASCAR drivers don't get their newborns "Life Memberships" in NASCAR. Maybe it's because they don't glorify "car culture", or drive like they're racing when they're not on a track, or accuse people who don't like to drive of being "un-American."

Maybe it's because NASCAR, the organization, doesn't spend millions lobbying for everybody in the country, regardless of age, to be able to drive whenever and wherever they like - to drive around kids' playgrounds or in shopping malls, say. Maybe it's because NASCAR doesn't fight licenses and registrations and insurance regulations. Maybe it's because NASCAR doesn't publish a magazine glorifying military drivers with "a raw look at their real missions", or a television show hosted by a convicted felon who lied to Congress.

Maybe it's because NASCAR and NASCAR drivers don't think their sport is a Way Of Life, and don't aggressively conflate themselves with every car nut out there who's run over a couple of people, or driven drunk, or just smashed up somebody else's car, arguing that those people too are entitled to drive.


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At 10:09 AM, July 30, 2014 Anonymous Mark P had this to say...

I think the comparison between cars and guns is apt. Everyone in the US has equal access to a driver's license, and virtually everyone has a car. And yet everyone who drives has to follow restrictive laws, and the police enforce those restrictions. Police even set up checkpoints and stop people without reasonable cause, and yet no one seems to be worried that the government is going to take our cars away from us. I think one of the reasons gun nuts are so nutty about that kind of thing is that they know in their hearts that guns should be controlled.


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