Thursday, July 17, 2014

Reassuring news

Here's a story about the KKK doing a recruiting drive in South Carolina. (Yes, I know, John Roberts said racism is over.) A woman in Seneca contacted the station because she was "worried" and "scared" after
they woke up Sunday to find bags of candy on their driveways with literature directing people to "Save our land, join the Klan."
A nice touch is that because it's a Fox News affiliate, the KKK is characterized as "classified as a "hate group"" rather than as one, and the group involved is called a "sect". Yeah. Like the KKK is, I don't know, a religion. (The Imperial Klaliff's unchallenged description is "not a hate group but a civil rights organization following the Bible.") For Fox, maybe it is...

The article ends on this cheery note, with a head's up for their neighboring state:
The Loyal White Knights are allowed to speak their minds, protected under the First Amendment the same as anyone else.

[Imperial Klaliff] Jones said his chapter is planning a public protest against illegal immigration in North Carolina on August 9, with a cross burning after dark.

He said people in the area will see more of this type of recruitment.
But here's the really reassuring point:
[Jones] said people who receive the candy and literature shouldn't be fearful unless they're doing something that the Klan considers morally wrong.
So that's all right then!

ps - I lied. Here's the really reassuring point: the good people of Seneca, SC, have planned a Unity Rally later this month in response.

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