Thursday, July 10, 2014

Two thoughts

So, I'm sure you've seen that Holly Fischer, aka Holly Hobby Lobby, photo, where she's posing with the assault rifle and the Bible and the American flag (you know, just like Sinclair Lewis predicted). In case not, here it is in all its glory:

woman with gun, US flag, and Bible

But speaking of that, Holly told Fox News that "It's America's founding principles. That's all that's in the picture." Wow. All the Enlightenment principles about life and liberty and elected representational government and separation of powers and all men are created equal ... and she gets guns-and-Jesus out of it. Just... wow.

On the other hand, most probably you've seen it juxtaposed with that suicide bomber with her rifle and her BibleQ'uran and her Saudi flag:

woman with gun, Saudi flag, and Q'uran

But this one is funnier. Of course, it's difficult to see either of the first two as funny at all, except in the dark vein...

man with hockey stick, Canadian flag, and maple syrup

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