Sunday, August 31, 2014


Before the Whitmans got to Washington, there was a Hudson's Bay Company outpost (you know, "54-40 or fight!") here, and its trappers and other personnel lived in a settlement called Frenchtown. After the battle of Walla Walla (Dec 1855), part of the Yakama War, the town was abandoned for a time. There's very little left here, but there's an effort underway to restore the site.

the site's sign

Frenchtown site marker - badly shot by me!

Frenchtown and Santa Rosa church marker

the cemetary

this is one of the posts marking the site of the church

A light-morph Swainson's Hawk soaring overhead, probably one of the ones we saw at the Whitman Mission, given how close the two places are

These are some of the many red-winged grasshoppers around the site. Drab and hard to see when on the ground, they flash a sudden and unexpected red when they fly. It was impossible for me to get a good shot of that - they're small, fast and unpredictable, but it was magical to see. Below is someone else's shot of their wings.

Here's a shot of one showing its wings (©Charley Eiseman, licensed under Creative Commons).


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