Sunday, August 31, 2014

In Walla Walla - the fort and a Victorian mansion

We went to Fort Walla Walla (the third of that name) which was quite close to our hotel, and then to a Victorian mansion, the Kirkman house. The house was interesting (though at the time of our trip filled with wedding dresses from the near past - 1950s to 1980s), but you've seen one Victorian house you've seen a lot of them.

There's a nice park, with skateboarding and a dog park, next to the fort

One of the many squirrels - they seem leggier than ours back East

A magpie - the Fort was full of them; Walla Walla also had crows

Magpie and shadow


Molting magpie

Squirrel with cleft ear - you looking at me?

Magpie in tree (same tree as the squirrel)

The cemetery

A pioneer cabin - there was a whole little town there

This was actually a playhouse, not a real cabin

But but but ... we're already inside!

Hmmmmmm .... who's in the stockade?

Omigod! It's Brad Pitt!

A 33-mule team, part of a genuinely fascinating exhibit on wheat harvesting

Chain of translation between (Lewis &) Clark and Yellept, a Walla Walla chief

The Kirkman House Museum

The house itself



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