Sunday, August 24, 2014

Neah Bay

A few shots of Neah Bay, including the carvings at the wonderful Makah Museum and Cultural Center. The town is the main one on the Makah Reservation (you have to buy a pass, but it's cheap and good for the whole year); the museum was sparked by the discovery of a village at Ozette that had been buried in mud in 1750 or so - "the Pompeii of Native America" it's been called. I'll do another post of Cape Flattery and one of the beaches around the peninsula, the north-westernmost point in the continental USA.

Neah Bay is that little indentation up at the top. The dotted lines are trails; the lighter gray is the reservation.
map of the Olympic peninsula

The road was full of these signs - because the previous mile had been so straight ... not:
road sign - wiggly road for 2 miles, slow

View across the bay from the inn's balcony (that's Canada across the water):

Canada's up to something!:
fogbank in front of Canada

And more view:
Neah Bay

Tide is out in the bay:
view of the bay

The innkeeper recommended the Wormhouse Restaurant. You can imagine my relief when we got there!
the Warmhouse Restaurant

The General Store (nice little place, with some souvenirs, and where you can buy the pass):
Washburn's General Store in Neah Bay

One of the tribal buildings:
building with tribal painting

Wood sculptures on the front lawn of the Makah Museum:
Makah statues

Great salmon adorn the museum's doors:
museum doors with Makah salmon painting



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