Friday, August 08, 2014

Pre-Vacation in Two Worlds

I won't see the papers for two weeks, so I thought it was a good time to run another comparison. Today they actually share a main story! Only the one, though. The Post is concerned with the election; the Times with Benghazi! and the ACA "scandals"...

Washington Times:
Foreign Policy: Obama OKs airstrikes on Islamist militants in Iraq | U.S. airdrops lifesaving supplies to besieged citizens
Affordable Care Act: Key emails lost since botched rollout of health care | HHS only now notified Archives
Accountability: Contractor hired to coach State officials how to testify | Bungled congressional hearings show need
Accountability: Hidden in defense bill is $20B for pet projects | Congress funds fireworks, health
Religion: Bible School Smorgasbord | Summer programs adapt to fill different needs
Republicans: RNC boos backs voiding law on overseas banking

Big Picture: Ready for Some Football: photo of RG3 after win against Patriots

Washington Post:
Obama authorizes possible Iraq strikes | U.S.begins airdrops of humanitarian aid | Moves come after Islamic State drives back Kurdish forces
Moscow's import ban will have costly effect | Move aimed at West could also bring empty shelves, higher prices to Russia
For Warner, time to touch base with N.Va. voters
In Iowa race, a spat comes home to roost | Democratic Senate hopeful's tiff over a neighbor's chickens feeds into GOP attacks
Reporter's Notebook: Din of sports talk includes few female voices

Big Picture: Remains of general slain in Afghanistan are returned to U.S.: photo of a C-17 tail section with the coffin being carried off by troops



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