Sunday, August 31, 2014

The Week in Entertainment

DVD: Mr and Mrs North, a light-hearted tv series from 1953/4. I remember the books as being funnier and less predictable, but that's probably not a fair criticism of a half-hour show. The actors are pretty good, even though the show's a bit dated (one of them was all about how we just can't let Andy ruin his career and make a lot of embarrassing trouble by stopping his stepfather from hitting his mother). One note - this show is said to be the inspiration behind Hart to Hart. The rest of Shetland, which continued to be quite nice.

TV: Dammit, the DVR didn't record the second Dr Who episode, and it's not on On Demand yet! Fortunately they'll repeat it, but I'm hoping it makes On Demand tomorrow. Grrrr.

Read: Another pre-order hit the Kindle - Scalzi's Lock In. Brilliant. It's a good thing, because I had started The Rings of Anubis and was being bored to tears by it. Started Wildwood, a YA sort-of-urban fantasy set in the big park in Portland, Oregon. Pretty good so far.



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