Thursday, August 07, 2014


A friend of mine who works for the State Department passed this along in email. I present it without comment, because, honestly, This! and QFT are just too weak:
Taking the annually required slog that is mandatory training. OPSEC scenario: Bad guy (in kaffiyeh and beard, naturally) gets wind the troops are coming. He bugs out and leaves an IED that kills the American troops. We are told that he leaves non-combatants behind (woman and child depicted), earning a propaganda victory and sowing dissent about American tactics with our allies. "But worst of all," intones the hyperdramatic baritone, "some of our own" ... dramatic pause for effect as flag drapes itself over coffin "... didn't make it home."

"Worst of all"? Whoa, Nellie. The death of combatants on the offensive is worse than the death of innocent non-combatants??

Oh right. The civilians weren't American.

Honestly, tribalism is going to destroy this country.

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At 3:28 PM, August 07, 2014 Anonymous Anonymous had this to say...

It's worst of all from his OPSEC perspective, right? OPSEC is supposed to protect our troops, and this was a failure? I dunno.


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